PS Plus Free Games – January 2018

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It’s the New Year and PlayStation Plus members are off to a good start with the list of free games for January 2018. According to, PlayStation Plus members received a total of $1,287 in free games for 2017. Regardless if the games were stellar or not, being a PlayStation Plus member was well worth the $50 investment in 2017.

For the people that don’t know what PlayStation Plus is, here’s a brief explanation.

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus(PS Plus) is a premium subscription for people who own a PlayStation console like the PS Vita or PlayStation 3 and 4. With a membership, there are several features and benefits that PlayStation has to offer. Here are a few that are popularly used by PS Plus members today.

  • Online Multi-Player and Share Play on the PS4.
  • Discounts & Freebies on the PlayStation Store
  • Additional Perks
  • Monthly free games.

A few more cool perks are, being able to download digital games or add-ons when you are away from your console. There are also exclusive beta games for PS Plus members to play alongside with full game demos.

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The games may not be ready for download, check back later this week for the download link: PS Plus Free Games Download Link

Check out the official PlayStation blog for more details: