Everybody loves to have a say in the discussions that they have with others. There are many angles from which people see things, and every view deserves to be heard and recognized. I am a proponent of this fact, and that is the drive behind this blog!

Hi! I’m Chuck, contrary to some opinions; I have quite a basic and at the same time a satisfying life(we all do). I am an introvert, and I love to talk, a lot; almost about any and everything. I hope to inspire people who have unpopular ways of doing things, to proudly share their ideas with the world! There’s no such thing as a stupid thought.

As much as I love exploring different views and listening to the opinion of others, I have a greater interest in the questions that people ask me. I can never stop talking, especially when a good conversation is developing.
One of my strengths are, I give great second opinions and insights on topics even on the subjects that are difficult to talk about. I refuse to sugar coat anything because I believe you people need to hear the raw truth.

It’s Me Chuck is a space where I document the modern things I come in contact with in my life. I cover many things starting with my experiences, places I’ve been to, my reviews of restaurants and purchased items, events I’ve attended, and topics that come up in my daily discussions with family and friends.
I started my website in 2016, since then I’ve been through some changes that redefined who I am today. It created a clear path to what I did next, which was to express myself on YouTube.


To show others my journey in building the “It’s Me Chuck” brand and in future, to be able to influence others to join me in creating their blogs under the “It’s Me (insert your name here)” brand.
I believe “the only person that can define who you are is YOU and no one else” and that is the inspiration behind “MY STORY, MY WORLD.”

I encourage you to spend another 5 minutes to check out “My story, my world.”