*Event Highlight* Brewery and the Beast 2017

Tomahawk Steaks, BBQ Pork Ribs and Short Ribs. Get your Carnivore on!

Every event that I’ve attended this year had something that stood out making it a memorable experience for me. During the Brewery and the Beast 2017  Vancouver event, Two Rivers Specialty Meats featured once again their rotisserie Tomahawk Steak Roast. The Two Rivers Specialty Meat set up was difficult to miss because it was probably the smokiest area because they had more than the Tomahawk Roast over hot coals. Right next to the Tomahawk Roast were Brazilian Style Cache Creek Beef Short Ribs and Cheam View Ranch BBQ Pork Racks.

Check out how the Two Rivers Specialty Meats team carve the 2 Tomahawk Roasts weighing in approximately 50lbs each.

*Try not to get hungry while watching the video*