Call of Duty Summer Event – Days of Summer

Call of Duty’s exciting summer event called “Days of Summer” has officially started and there are definitely lots of things to look forward to and be excited about. This summer event will actually last for the next 5 weeks until August 1 in both Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and the Modern Warfare Remastered and this will begin July 11 for Black Ops III.

Infinite Warfare

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In Infinite Warfare, lasting the duration of the event, players need to log in every Monday for the free supply Drop. They can also log in every Friday and Wednesday for free items from the “Days of Summer” collection. Also, the limited-time weapon camos, emblems, calling cards and other summer-themed items will be available in the loot pool.

Alongside the newest content, expect the Days of Summer Hack which will be readily available on Call of Duty- Infinite Warfare weekly. You can also check back on the Quartermaster for the newest deals and many more offers. Infinity Ward enables players to earn the newest characters to be used in MP, including the Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare campaign characters.

Modern Warfare Remastered

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As big part of the Call of Duty Summer Event, Raven Software is now bringing a twist to Bog. Alongside the Beach Bog, the brand new Operation Copperhead content drops for Depot is actually coming to Modern Warfare Remastered. When talking about the summer event, players can also earn free Days of Summer Drop every week by simply logging into the game. Lastly, the newest variation of the Prop Hunt will be returning for the summer events.

Black Ops III

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Call of Duty-Black Ops 3, Days of Summer event starts at 10 Am, July 11. For Black Ops III, there will actually be new yet limited Pack a Punch Camo and allow you to also play all of the four maps from the Awakening DLC absolutely for free for the duration of the event.

Along with this, there are also new summer-themed loot items and as an added bonus, Treyarch also activates Double XP for individuals who own Call of Duty-Black Ops III DLC-1 Awakening for 3 complete weeks beginning on July 11, 10 am and ending on August 1 at 10 0’clock in the morning.

Lastly, Infinity Ward also makes Turista Map from the Call of Duty-Infinite Warfare DLC for free to all players to play during the summer events.

Final Thoughts

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