Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

What is Canada 150?

Canada is a lovely and inviting country located in northern portion of North America. Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories extending from Atlantic to the Pacific and then northward to the Arctic Ocean which covers 9.98 million square kilometers. This makes Canada the second largest country in the world by total area and 4th largest country by land area. The border of Canada with the US is known as the longest bi-national land border in the world.

Canada is also a highly developed country and got the 10th highest nominal as per capita income and 9th highest in Human Development Index. The country also ranks high in terms of government transparency, economic freedom, education, civil liberties and quality of life. Canada is also a home to great festivals, social events and historic celebrations such as the Canada 150.

What’s Canada 150 Really?


The year 2017 marks an important time in the great and significant History of Canada about 150 years ago. Canada 150 is Canada’s celebration of its 150 years. Considered by some as Canada’s birthday, this is a highly anticipated event that every Canadian looks forward to.

150 years ago, Nova Scotia, Nova, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec were united in order to create the Canadian Confederation known as Dominion of Canada. In the account of British North America Act which became law on the first of July in 1867, the British Colonies will be recognized as an independent nation.  On the several years that followed, other territories and provinces joined the Dominion making Canada a “mari usque and mare” or (“from sea to sea”) today.

Canada 150 – A Big and Important Celebration for Canadians

Canada 150 marks a big and important celebration giving Canadians the chance to be involved as the communities celebrate together their achievements, shared values, their majestic and the special place of their country in the world. The major themes of Canada 150 are inclusion, diversity and reconciliation with the indigenous individuals, youth and the environment. Memorable events and activities will be held in Canada all throughout the year and celebrated by individuals all over the world.

How to Make the Most of your Canada 150?

Get updated with the latest about the amazing Canada 150 as well as the experiences and activities. To make the most of this celebration, you can volunteer, participate or organize activities near you. Simply search online or check local community centers for these great opportunities.

Make sure not to miss Canada 150 celebrations which will happen all over the country. You can also take the time to rediscover Canada through libraries and heritage collections. It pays to be part of this important event that highlights the significant times that shaped the Canadian society. You can visit online and check out the scheduled events and activities near you in celebration of the Canada 150.

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Happy Canada Day!   



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