Chuck’s Preview -Deja Brew Coffee House + Fresh Food Cafe

Chuck’s Preview – Deja Brew Coffee House + Fresh Food Cafe


Located at 160-943 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Deja Brew Coffee House + Fresh Food Cafe is a hidden gem where Vancouver locals have a cup of organic drip coffee and healthy fresh food made to order. Many have raved about their “Power Cookie” which I’ve had the opportunity to try and it is pretty amazing. The food is made fresh daily and they also cater to parties up to 500.

I’ve had a chance to sample many of their cookies(including their famous Power Cookie) and their blueberry muffin.

My next mission is to go to Deja Brew to enjoy my first dine-in experience(the foods I’ve tried so far were take-out). Keep a look out for my official Review on Deja Brew Coffee House + Fresh Food Cafe.


Here are a few pictures I took at home

6 Delicious cookies to go!

These are actually big!

Blueberry Muffin

They are generous with the Blueberries


Check out their social media accounts and website


Facebook:  @Dejabrewvancouver

Twitter:  @DejaBrewVancity

Instagram:  @dejabrewvancouver