Essential Accessories For The Super Nintendo Classic Edition

In North America, everyone knows that the Super Nintendo(SNES) Classic Edition is one of the hardest gaming consoles to get your hands on. Since the launch day back on September 29, 2017, the accessories for the console have also been difficult to find. As an experienced “Launch Day Consumer”, I was able to purchase the necessary accessories for my SNES Classic “. Inventory for the console and accessories have been released in small quantities each week, making it slightly difficult to obtain.

I’m one of those people who like buying matching brands for my collection of gaming products. For the people that don’t care much about matching brands, there are plenty of third-party accessories out there that work just fine or even better.  Nintendo mentioned a while back that they will be producing a lot more consoles based on the last failed execution with the NES Mini, which they fell short on supplying the demand. Since they are making more units, I assume there will be plenty of accessories to go with each console. I’ve compiled a list of accessories and the consoles(if you haven’t purchased one yet) to make your collection look stellar.

Here’s my list of the most popular accessories for the SNES Classic Edition:

  1. Super Nintendo Classic Edition Console(NA Edition) 
  2. Super Nintendo Classic Edition Console(Europe Version)
  3. Hori Fighting Commander – Wireless Controller(Licensed by Nintendo)
  4. SNES Classic Controller Extension Cable 3M/10 ft (2-PACK)
  5. PDP SNES Classic Deluxe Carrying Case
  6. Nintendo NES Classic Edition Carrying Case
  7. NES/SNES Classic Console Box Protector
  8. SNES Classic: The Ultimate Guide To The SNES Classic Edition

Check out all the video walkthroughs to each game installed in my previous post —> SNES Classic 20 Games Video Walkthroughs

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