Foods That Keep You Hydrated During the Summer

Stay Hydrated!

Days have gotten longer and the temperature gets warm. The sunglasses and shorts have already come out. The summer season is in full effect. However, as the days become warmer, staying hydrated turned out to be very important.
Most individuals know about the eight glasses per day rule to stay hydrated. However, during the hotter days of summer more water intake is highly recommended. But some individuals have to admit, drinking eight glasses of water per day is sometimes hard enough. The good thing is that there are other possible liquid sources and hydrating foods that can supplement your water consumption or intake during the summer.

You can certainly stay hydrated during this summer if you embrace the following water-packed and hydrating foods:


Cucumbers are excellent hydrating foods for the season because these are loaded with the highest water content which is about 96.7%. These foods have abundant micro nutrients including folic acid, Vitamins B5, B3, B2, B1, Iron, Vitamin C, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc and Potassium. You can try the cucumber salad or the chilled cucumber soup for a hydrating and refreshing meal


Radishes composed of about 95.3% water contain an abundant amount of minerals and vitamins. Radishes are known to be easy to shop and versatile for some a refreshing snack or can be tossed in a simple salad during summer.


Watermelon the ultimate fruit of the summer contains an antioxidant called “lycopene” which is proven to help reduce the risk of particular types of cancers. If you are thinking of a great watermelon snack, you can try watermelon, feta and mint tossed together as a salad. The watermelon smoothie is also great during the summer season. If you want some buzz, you can also try watermelon shots or the tequila soaked watermelon wedges but stay hydrated if you are adding alcohol.


Pineapples packed with Vitamin C also contains “bromelain” that aids in proper digestion. Pineapples are tropical fruits perfect on summer days especially when grilled, making it caramelized and soft or served fresh.


Carrots contain 87% water and more of a powerful anti-oxidant(beta carotene) than other fruits or vegetables. Studies also revealed that there’s a particular compound in carrots that helps in protecting the lungs and skin.


These are certainly sweet summer treats. Mangoes contain lots of fibers and Vitamins C, A and B6. For cooling snacks, you can chop fresh mangoes or make some mango ice cream which requires very minimal ingredients. If you are looking for evening dessert after a long and tiring day at the beach, you can try mango sticky rice with coconut.


Oranges have about 87% water. Eating just a piece of orange will provide you with the daily dose of Vitamin C and also keep you hydrated during summer. You can also try the carrot-orange juice for a more refreshing summer beverage.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many hydrating foods that keep you hydrated during summer. Take time to research online and you will discover more foods worth trying.

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