Johnny Rockets – Vancouver(Nelson Location)

Johnny Rockets is finally here in Vancouver!

September 2, 2017, marked Johnny Rockets Grand Opening here in Vancouver, Canada and from what I’ve heard, there was no advertising announcing it. I practically stumbled upon their Instagram account where I discovered the news. No advertising? Maybe it’s a new approach to avoid long lineups and prevent anxiety build up in customers on day 1. It also has its benefits where Johnny Rockets could focus on serving a decent sized crowd while creating an everlasting impression, leading to great word of mouth of course.

Discovering Johnny Rockets on Instagram and leaving a comment:

My Dine-In Experience


On September 8, 2017, I decided to drop in for lunch. Immediately as I walked into Johnny Rockets, I introduced myself to the first person I saw standing at the entrance. Just to make my experience even better, that person believe it or not was the President & CEO of Johnny Rockets Canada, Lewis Gelmon. We chatted briefly, and he shared a bit of information about the launch of the Johnny Rockets Restaurant in Vancouver and their plans on expanding quickly and soon. He also shared a personal story about how the Green Tea Shake came to be because he created the recipe. There’s a brief detail of that in my video review. After the warm greeting, I could not help but ask for a selfie with the big boss.

Chuck & Johnny Rockets Canada CEO Lewis Gelmon

What did I order?

Due to the size of the menu and the variety, I ordered multiple items across the board. I asked the cashier for recommendations and ordered what she suggested, and also the ones recommended from Instagram. So, this is what I ordered.

  1. Big Rocket Dog – Grilled, 8-inch Nathan’s Famous hot dog with ketchup, mustard, relish and onions.
  2. The Rocket Combo(Single) – Classic Cheeseburger with cheddar cheese, leaf lettuce, tomato, white onion and special sauce. Large Fries & Drink.
  3. Breaded Chicken Strips(3 pieces)
  4. Green Tea Shake – Hand-spun and contains real Japanese Matcha.
  5. Bowl of Chili – Made with ground beef, kidney beans, spice and freshly diced vegetables. Cheese and onion on top.
  6. Onion Rings(Small)
  7. Side of Gravy

The total came up to $44, a little pricey but that’s the cost of alittle bit of everything. It’s a lot of food but I wasn’t eating alone, this was shared between myself and 1 other person. I came here hungry and left really stuffed.

To view the full menu, download PDF here

Watch this video as I dive into each menu item from the list above.

What do I Recommend the Most?

I recommend the Green Tea Shake, especially if you love Matcha. The Rocket Burger was delicious, I really couldn’t pinpoint the flavour profile of the sauce, but it was a good balance of flavours with large pieces of leaf lettuce, onion and tomato. The Onion Rings are crispy and not dry, great with gravy.

What were my least favourite items?

The chicken strips rank a little low due to the fact that the smaller pieces were really dry. Although the chili had good flavour, the temperature was on the warm side and the cheese did not fully melt. This is important to me when eating chili bowls, it needs to mix perfectly in order to have that well-balanced taste. The gravy was a little different and had a salty taste all the way through. I would have to pass on the gravy as a side but I’ll have to see if the Poutine will be a better choice.

Additional Observations

The ambiance was perfect for a Burger joint, great music, lots of chatter and nice decor.  A distinctive quote was on the wall saying, “Not many earn the right to be called THE ORIGINAL, even fewer keep it.” Stay Original!  The booths had outlets to charge your mobile devices, perfect for hanging out with friends for lunch, homework cram sessions or in my case, vlogging.

Final Thoughts

Overall, my first time trying Johnny Rockets food is above average. A few menu items won my tastebuds while some came out just plain. I will make a second trip to try out the other menu items that I missed like the Bacon Cheddar Chicken Sandwich, Smoke House, Southwest Black Bean Burger, Bacon Cheese Fries and Oreo Cookies and Cream Shake.

The service was outstanding and for an order like mine, the wait was very reasonable given the fact that it was insanely busy with huge line-ups. The CEO did suggest to drop by around 1:30 pm, the restaurant would be less busy because the lunch rush is over. So, that is the best time to go. I liked the fact that your order was brought to your table if you were dining in.The only thing that slightly bothered me(but not a biggie) was I felt rushed to eat because the waitress kept on coming back to clear the empty trays and went back on standby.

So, trip number two is a must and I will be back to try the other items. I hope you liked my first impression review on Johnny Rockets Vancouver, Nelson location.

Giveaway Alert!

During my visit at Johnny Rockets, I’ve obtained a few Giftcards courtesy of President & CEO of Johnny Rockets Canada, Lewis Gelmon. I will be hosting a Giveaway very soon. You know the drill! Like, subscribe and share.