Twitter’s Latest Update Increases the Character Limit for Tweets

Twitter has been around since 2006, we’ve seen a lot of changes through their updates. Twitter has recently pushed a critical update, more like an upgrade to one of the primary functions of the platform. They’ve increased the number of characters allowed in a single Tweet from 140 to 280. Back in September 2017, Twitter rolled out this increase to a small range of users. Now the update is live and ready for the masses.
As a regular user of Twitter, I use their services for personal and business reasons. Most of the days, 140 characters will suffice. On days that I need to promote or express my thoughts, 280 characters would have been better.

Here are a few examples why 280 characters are better than 140:

1. Running a promotional giveaway requires a little more detail in Tweets.
  • Short Campaign Summary
  • How to enter?
  • Contest Dates/deadlines
  • Prize
  • Sponsor names
2. Easier to publish on Hootsuite or any other social media management tool. Eliminates the use of abbreviated words (for the most part), taking away the guessing part of your followers.

I use Hootsuite to update my status on 2 or more social media accounts at the same time. Every time I went over 140 characters, the Twitter message was unable to send.

3. Easier to express yourself without leaving out valuable information.

Final Thoughts

Social media has a competitive ecosystem, many of which people like to express themselves on. Occasionally on Facebook, you will see status updates with a significant amount of text. Previously Twitter was limited to 140 characters, and it made you feel like you had to be more direct and straight to the point. 280 characters are just right for the users. I’ll surely take advantage of this update; it is a game changer for Twitter. It will make life easier for me (see picture on #3 above).
If you have abbreviated hilarious tweets from the past, using the old 140 characters, please email me at You could also tag me in your Tweets @604chuck.