Let’s Track Santa

Where is Santa and what can we do while waiting?

Google has set up a site called “Santa Tracker” filled with fun online holiday games and things to learn for the family. But most importantly, the countdown to Santa’s take-off from the North Pole is located on this site.

Here’s the list of games from the site that you could play right now:
  1. Present Drop
  2. Wrap Battle
  3. Code Lab
  4. Santa’s Canvas
  5. Code Boogie
  6. Present Bounce
  7. Penguin Dash
  8. Gumball Tilt
  9. Elf Jamband
  10. Speed Sketch
  11. Santa Selfie
  12. Santa Search
  13. Elf Ski
  14. Gift Slingshot
  15. Elf Jetpack
  16. Reindeer Runner
  17. Snowball Storm

You may find additional interactive activities online at Google Santa Tracker and you could also download the Android app, where all the games are found in one place on your smart device: Google Santa Tracker App

Have a safe and Happy Holidays!