(UPDATED) Latest News: Canadians are finally getting all-day breakfast at select McDonald’s

(New update January 26, 2017)

An update was announced for the All-day Breakfast service at McDonald’s Canada. The initial 17 test locations showed immediate success in Canada and now McDonald’s will roll out their all-day breakfast service to 1100 locations Canada-wide on February 21, 2017.

A limited menu will be available during the first bit of the rollout. Hopefully, they will offer the full breakfast menu when everything settles down.

This happens to me often…

Have you ever arrived at a McDonald’s 5 minutes before or minutes after they stop serving breakfast? Well, that’s me. Sometimes I arrive with only 5 minutes left of the breakfast service, only to be told that they have a few breakfast items left. Being minutes late…..”Sorry Sir, we are serving lunch now”. I was looking forward to a Big Breakfast and not a Happy Meal 🙁

A scene from the movie “Big Daddy”

*Caution* This video may contain offensive language and is not suitable for young children

Due to the success of the all-day breakfast in the US, McDonald’s confirmed that they will be testing the all-day breakfast here in Canada. The trials will take place at select locations in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. A spokesperson for McDonald’s Canada revealed a little information on how many locations will be running the trials.


  • 8 in the Ajax/Whitby area of Ontario.
  • 3 in Montreal.
  • 2 in Mississauga, Ont.
  • 1 in Bramalea, Ont.
  • 2 in Langley, B.C.
  • 1 in Coquitlam, B.C


To me, that’s great news because I live in BC. Coquitlam is quite the travel for me, but I would take advantage of having McDonald’s breakfast any time of the day. McDonald’s will offer their signature Egg McMuffins, Wraps and other breakfast menu items to start.

Final Thoughts

I love breakfast and I could eat it at any time. I believe that McDonald’s could have placed the trials closer to the heart of Vancouver instead of Langley and Coquitlam. I guess it wouldn’t matter because breakfast at any time is a pure convenience. I’d like to see this succeed because having brunch at a McDonald’s doesn’t sound too bad. Mmmm pancakes with nuggets and a breakfast wrap with fries.

This is my typical breakfast order at McDonald’s and how I enjoy it:

  1. Medium Coffee with 2 sugars and No cream
  2. Big Breakfast
  • No butter on the English muffin
  • Strawberry jam on one-half of the English muffin
  • Scrambled eggs and NOT the folded eggs because it is usually overcooked and dry
  • Fresh sausage patty that is not soaked in grease
  • Crispy hashbrown and that is not overcooked(moist on the inside and crispy on the outside)
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