McDonald’s Canada is Celebrating Their 50th Birthday With The 67¢ Hamburger Deal

Yes, that’s right!


McDonald’s Canada announced that they will be offering an old fashioned price of 67¢ Hamburgers, on August 16 across Canada at participating McDonald’s locations.

McDonald’s opened their 1st location outside the United States in Richmond, British Columbia on August 16, 1967. This year will mark their 50th Canadian anniversary. #McDonalds50th

How to get 67¢ Hamburgers?

Of course, there will be limitations in ordering the 67¢ Hamburgers. I remember back in 2002 when I worked for McDonald’s they had the 69¢ Cheeseburger and 49¢ Hamburger promotion. It was a gong show! Customers were ordering 50-100 burgers at a time which slammed the back end grill making employees hustle hard.

This time around, the 67¢ Hamburgers promotion is a limit of 3 per customer per visit. While supplies last. So bring your squad aka family between 11am-7pm on Wednesday, August 16 to enjoy the 50th year anniversary of the 1st McDonald’s in Canada. #McDonalds50th

I’ll be there for sure!