My Coffee Journey – Lions Bay Coffee Company

Coffee has been a part of my routine for many years. It has been my go to beverage whenever I needed a little kick-start to my day or extend my alertness during long nights at work. So here is how my coffee journey first started.

When was I introduced to coffee?

One of my first encounters with coffee was when I was just a kid. I bought some bulk chocolates that looked like chocolate covered peanuts. I took a bunch of them and shoved them in my mouth and started chewing. Immediately I reacted to the intensely bitter taste and the hard center broke into shell-like pieces in my mouth.

They were chocolate covered coffee beans!

From that day on I could not forget the taste and smell from that experience. Don’t get me wrong, in that moment I had mixed feelings about the flavours that I was exposed to. I began noticing coffee more and more as a child because of the freshly brewed smell of coffee that came from my kitchen each morning. This time I wanted to try coffee in a beverage form.

*Myth Alert*

My mom always preached to me that *coffee will stunt your growth and it’s bad for children*. As a kid, I was curious and took sips from my mom’s cup of coffee when she was not looking. This is when I felt the rush and enjoyed coffee a lot more. By the way, I am 6 feet tall today and coffee did not affect my growth in any way.
During my childhood, I discovered that I was lactose intolerant which lead me to drink coffee black and sometimes lightly sweetened. This is how I have my coffee until this day. Now you know a little bit about how I started my coffee journey, let’s move on to my latest experience.

What’s in my cup now?
*Featured Content*

As I was doing my thing on Instagram, which was liking pictures and following accounts for inspiration, I received a DM(direct message) from an account that I recently followed(@lionsbaycoffeecompany)
They gave me an opportunity to share their story and delivered a care package of coffee to experience it for myself. The past week I had the pleasure of enjoying the Harvey Creek Blend(dark roast) Coffee in my cup every day.

Who is Lions Bay Coffee Company?

The face of Lions Bay Company is Kelvin Cumming, Master Roaster & Owner of the company. Kelvin’s coffee career started on a journey with a world-renowned coffee company which created the drive, passion, and vision for his next coffee journey. He later moved and settled his family in Lions Bay, British Columbia.
The name Lions Bay Coffee Company originated from Kelvin’s passion for the perfect cup of coffee and the surrounding area of his beautiful home in Lions Bay.

*Lions Bay is a residential community on the Sea-to-Sky Highway, approximately midway between West Vancouver and Squamish. The 35th smallest of BC’s 264 self-governing municipalities, Lions Bay is located on the steep eastern shore of Howe Sound.*

How are the beans selected and processed?
Selection of Beans

Lions Bay coffee beans are globally sourced and from selected growers. The selection of artisan roasted beans is 100% Arabica coffee and organic. The beans are also Fair Trade Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center- Bird Friendly

The decaffeinated beans are handled through the Swiss Water Process.

*The Swiss Water Process (SWP) is a non-solvent method for decaffeinating unroasted coffee beans. It was introduced by Coffex in 1979, and was, at that time, the only commercial decaffeination method that did not use solvents.*


Lions Bay coffee beans are locally roasted and in small batches to ensure the freshness and delivery of quality coffee. The beans are roasted in a state of the art Toper Roaster(TKM-SX 3) seen in the picture and video below. It is later sealed in a state of the art package to lock in the freshness.



Naming the Coffee Blends

The names of each coffee blend originate from local landmarks around the Lions Bay area like Harvey Creek, Centennial Trail, Bayview and much more.

My Lions Bay Coffee Journey

My daughter and I have just started coffee tastings a month ago, trying different brands of coffees. She is a barista at a local coffee store here in Vancouver and has shared the knowledge of coffee with me. Upon receiving my 1 pound of Lions Bay “Harvey Creek Blend – Signature Dark Roast“, we decided to do a coffee tasting throughout the week.

Here is what we have tasted:

We have noticed that the coffee is smooth, full bodied and has a medium to light acidity. We’ve also tasted a little bit of nuttiness and cocoa notes to the dark roast, with a bit of peppery spice.
Our conducted tastings have fallen close to what Lions Bay  Coffee has described their Harvey Creek Blend to have, which also can be found on their website here Full Harvey Creek Blend Signature Dark Roast description 
I have been enjoying my coffee mostly black and sometimes served iced. The Harvey Creek Blend Signature Dark Roast is their most popular coffee and is currently their top seller.

This is how I will be making my coffee.


Where to buy Lions Bay Coffee?

I like the fact that Lions Bay Coffee Company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee with “free shipping” to the Vancouver area. Subscription orders are available so that you will never worry about running out of coffee.

Lions Bay General Store Café
350 Centre Road
Box 610
Lions Bay, BC

Nesters Market
710-1200 Hunter Pl
Squamish, BC

Loblaw City Market
861 Park Royal N
West Vancouver, BC

Loblaw City Market
1650 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver, BC

Contact Information:

Social Media Accounts

Facebook: @lionsbaycoffeecompany

Twitter: @lionsbaycoffee

Instagram: @lionsbaycoffeecompany


Mailing Address: PO Box 153, Lions Bay, BC, V0N 2E0
Phone: (778) 689 3416

Useful tips from Lions Bay Coffee Company

Making the best brew of coffee 


Final Thoughts

I’d like to thank Lions Bay Coffee Company and the members of their team for this opportunity and experience with sampling their product. Thanks James for reaching out to me, it was definitely an enjoyable coffee journey.
I am completely satisfied with their coffee that I’ve tried over the past week. I’m looking forward to purchasing the medium roast coffee to share with my family, once my “true” 1 pound of Harvey Creek Blend Dark Roast Coffee is consumed.
For all my followers and readers, please check out the links that I have provided. If you get a chance to sample Lions Bay Coffee, use the hashtag #lionsbaycoffeecompany and share your coffee journey on social media.