My First eSports Tournament – Call of Duty Black Ops 3

So this is how it went……

I was browsing the net and this google ad kept popping up on every damn website that I visited.

World Gaming Black Ops 3

After that, I started seeing the video ads for this tournament on YouTube.

I actually had just bought the game the first week of January just 2 months after the release date November 6, 2015. By coincidence, the ads were showing up around the same time. I’m not going to lie, I thought of it a lot but I was scared to join.

My doubts:

  1. I was 2 months behind in getting to know the mechanics of the new game
  2. many pros will be competing
  3. I had no clue if I was any good
  4. just plain nervous


After hours and hours of grinding in the game and unlocking diamond camos, I decided to join approximately 2 weeks of playing the game. Plus $20,000 for first place was not a bad cash prize.

How do I qualify?

I entered 4 different qualifying brackets for the Burnaby location and my other option was Langley, which is far. But keep in mind the regional finals are at the Silvercity theatre and the online qualifiers are done at home.

Results of the four brackets:

  1. bracket 1, I lost in the first round against a camper
  2. bracket 2, I got disqualified with my opponent “JaSoNGiLL” for not completing our match within the time given (a flaw in the system because we had matches that ended up in “draws” that took up all the time)

Tie Game – Round 1

Tie Game – Round 2

  1. bracket 3, I conceded the round with a “no show”  to JaSoNGiLL due to not being able to play (JaSoNGiLL won that bracket and made it to the regional finals)
  2. bracket 4, because JaSoNGiLL was my opponent again (3 times) he automatically concedes the match so I move on to round 2. I played the stressful rounds and lost in the final bracket.


What I didn’t know…

The rules state that the final 4 in each bracket move to the “regional finals”. I did not read that part of the rules and so one day I received an email and almost dropped my phone. I was part of the final 4, this is what I received.

2016-01-29 15.20.42

“You’ve qualified for the Regional Finals for the Cineplex WorldGaming Canadian Championships presented by PlayStation.

The Regional Finals are being held at your local Cineplex theatre and are taking place on February 21st, 2016 at 3PM local time.”

I have been given an opportunity to compete in Canada’s first Live eSports competition hosted by World Gaming

My experience started with a nerve wrecking online qualifier. Then thinking I lost and moving on with life. Then receiving an email stating that I get to compete live on the theatre big screens with the best players in my location.

So the day came and I was extremely nervous. On February 21, 2016, My wife, older brother and friend came out to watch me. Unfortunately, my 2 boys who are ages 8 and 9 were not allowed to watch me for it were a 17+ event. My kids are my biggest fans and, to be honest, they rock at Call of Duty. This kind of upset me.

 I signed in and waited…………

PhotoGrid_1456429701331Story behind my gamer tag… 

Oh yeah,I forgot. My gamer tag is Toki_XD. The history behind that name starts with Toki (a nickname my dad gave me as a child) XD are the first initial of my 2 boys first names.

How was the setup?

The set up was a long table with Asus monitors, White Plantronics headset and a cheap chair lol. Each section had dividers to prevent other players from looking at your screen.

(I do not own the rights to this photo. Used only as an example)



Final thoughts

Every player did their best and I got eliminated in the first bracket. In the end, I fought all the way to the live event and still came out with a great experience.

I am glad that World Gaming is reviving the eSports community in Canada.

Apparently Playstation, World Gaming and Cineplex have a contract to host more big screen tournaments for 2016.

This is the next tournament. Street Fighter V. $25,000!!!!!



Feel free to share the post or contact me to talk about this topic further. You may also leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed your read.