Download & Go With Netflix

Everyone has been talking about the new Netflix update on mobile devices and tablets, released on November 30, 2016. So here is my review on what I’ve experienced during the first 3 days of the update.


What’s In the new update?

Some people watch Netflix in the comfort of their homes because there is a constant connectivity to the internet. Some people love watching on the go using their mobile devices and tablets. There is an issue with watching frequently on your mobile devices…..WiFi & Data limits.

If you are a Netflix “On the Go” type of user, your prayers have been answered!

Netflix released their newest update allowing users to download their favorite shows and movies for an “On the Go” experience. Many people may think that this feature is useless but in my experience, it was very useful.




Is it available on PC or Laptop?

No, this is only a mobile and tablet feature for users “On the Go”. There may be a chance to use a Chromebook and take advantage of the features. How? Well, Google started releasing updates allowing Chromebook users to access the Google Play Store. This means the Netflix mobile app can be downloaded on the Chromebook laptop. (If anyone could confirm this, please drop me a message) 


How is it useful?

Netflix is a great type of entertainment and would be convenient if you could access their library of movies and shows at any given time. Not every place has internet connectivity or free WiFi for you to use. With this new update, simply access the menu under “Available for Download” and select the shows you would want to see offline. That’s it!


If you are renting out a suite that includes free internet or offer your WiFi to guests, keep in mind that the MB’s could add up over time. Look at the picture below for an idea of how big the downloads are.


Long Flights

If you have a long flight and music does not cut it for you, Netflix would be a great option compared to the free movies offered by the airline onboard. I know that some airlines have WiFi available for their passengers to use, but there are times that you need to turn off your wireless connection.

Road Trips

Another scenario would be a long road trip with your family. Long driving from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles can be hot and boring. Binge watching a TV Show would be a perfect time passer. If you are a parent with young ones, this would easily give you a few hours of silence during your long drive or to the next pit stop.


Yes! I said work. Many companies don’t have WiFi or allow employees to watch videos while at work. People who have desk jobs actually sneak in Netflix time or some sort of social media behind the company’s back. Some employees watch shows during their breaks or even on their way to work using public transit.

Is every show in the Netflix library available to download?

No, I have noticed that some newer movies did not have the option to download like Star Wars: The Force Awakens listed below. I’m pretty sure that there are shows you haven’t watched yet and are available to download.




Final Thoughts

So far over the past 3 days, the new Netflix feature has been beneficial to me . I have a Google Pixel XL and the quality is always great on this device.

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