Ninja Shinjuku: Where You Dine Like A Ninja

Finally! One of the most extraordinary dining experiences in Japan.

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True Story:

At the age of 6, I was introduced to the Japanese culture starting with their food.On my way to the Philippines, our plan got stranded in Tokyo for almost a full day due to issues with our plane. Meanwhile, the passengers of my aircraft were not allowed to leave, making people more anxious. Keep in mind, we were all hungry because we were also short on food. The airline company that we booked our flights with immediately rectified the problem and ordered a lot of Japanese food from local restaurants in Tokyo.
Roughly 3 hours later, people in kimonos started to board the plane carrying bento boxes. The bento boxes were then opened revealing the food that was inside, letting us choose from the selection provided. I remember being given sushi and udon soup, this was probably the first time I’ve tried these Japanese dishes or Japanese food in general.
The experience that I had from that day will forever be part of my memories. To be honest, I was never a fan of sushi back then, and today I appreciate it a lot more. As I grew up, I exposed myself to more Japanese foods; now I can genuinely say that I’m in love with Japanese cuisine.

What is Ninja Shinjuku?

Ninja Shinjuku is a Ninja themed restaurant where you may dine like a ninja while enjoying the beautiful foods of the Japanese culture. In the name Ninja Shinjuku, the “Ninja” part is the theme/brand of this restaurant the “Shinjuku” part is the location of the restaurant.
There are also three other locations under the Ninja umbrella.
1. Ninja Akasaka
2. Ninja Kyoto
3. Ninja New York

How did I discover Ninja Shinjuku?

You got to love how social media makes it easy to share content with one another. I was tagged on this exact video on Facebook by a friend.

(Video Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode)

Dining at Ninja Shinjuku will cost you roughly ¥6000 to ¥15000, depending on which meal set(6, 7 or 8 Course) you’ve chosen and optional premium extras. That works out to be $50-$130 USD per person.
Ninja Shinjuku is now open for reservations. I was looking at their website, and it had some interesting details on the Shinjuku region.

(Image Source: Ninja Shinjuku)

Final Thoughts

It’s evident why I shared this with you. Who wouldn’t you want to experience this? For my North American friends that find Japan a little too far to travel to, well there’s a location in New York. The fantasy element is what makes this a bucket list experience, especially the Bonzai Tree Dessert, it looks phenomenal.
If you’ve been to any of the open locations or plan to visit one in the future, please tag me @604chuck. I’d like to see and hear about your experience.