Nissin Cup Noodle: Final Fantasy Boss Collection

As you may already have noticed in Final Fantasy XV, Nissin Cup Noodle made an appearance in the game via a side mission. Now Nissin is making a second appearance as a physical product that may be purchased on their website.  Check out the Limited Edition Nissin Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection.


What’s included:
1. Bosses from Final Fantasy 1-15 printed on each Cup Noodle package.
2. Ultima Blade Fork
3. Final Fantasy XV game DLC: Cup Noodle Headgear

The approximate retail price for the Nissin Cup Noodle Boss Collection is  $52 USD. This is available for a limited time only. You could purchase your collection from

If you end up getting one of these in your hands, contact me at or tag me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @604chuck

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