The Ancient Nokia 3310 Throwback

On September 1, 2000, the Nokia 3310 was announced and released within weeks in the mobile market. The popular cell phone sold an amazing 126 million units worldwide and is still a popular phone of today.
The 3310 was known for being “indestructible” due to the tough build and durability of the phone. I remembered my Nokia 3310 would survive extreme falls, especially down a flight of stairs in my high school. The Nokia 3310 also had user exchangeable front and back covers to suit each user’s style of colour and design. Mine was the see-through blue or the custom-made case that lit up.

The battery does last a long time.

Let me refresh your memory a little with what the capabilities of the Nokia 3310 were.

1. It was on the GSM network.
2. The phonebook was saved on your SIM card.
3. No camera.
4. Call records only showed 8 dialed, 8 received and 8 missed calls.

5. No loudspeaker or headphone jack
6. No USB, Radio, WLAN, GPS or Bluetooth
7. Vibration; Downloadable monophonic ringtones
8. Clock and alarm



  • SMS
  • T9 Predictive text input
  • Smart messaging
  • Calculator
  • Voice Dial
  • Mobile Chat mode for SMS
  • Profiles
  • Currency converter


10. Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, Bantumi

11. Removable NiMH 900 mAh battery
Stand-by – 55h to 260h
Talk time – 2h 30 min to 4h 30


Final Thoughts

The Nokia 3310 was one of my favourite phones back in 2000. It had a long lasting battery life….or was it because I carried a second battery pack? I spent hours, days and even weeks in a row trying to stay #1 out of all my friends in the game of Snakes II.
I wish the phones today had a few features of the Nokia 3310 like longer battery life, durability(aka indestructible), customizable outer shells and Snakes.

My exact exchangeable front/back cover

If you have any pictures of your old Nokia 3310, please submit them to and I will feature them on one of my social feeds.