Old School and Business

Just the other day I was talking to a colleague of mine and she kept on using the term Old School. She was selling to me that the Old School plays a big part in many businesses of today.

I understand that the term Old School was from a specific time/era. I also understand that this term may be used in different context in conversations. For this specific chat, Old School was used in reference to being a foundation and tool to execute marketing in business operations today. My colleague molded the conversation to the point where I understood that you needed the Old School as a foundation in order to take the project to the next level. After she was done explaining her philosophy, I did what I normally did and gave my opinion.

Old School to me is simply an older method of doing things. When applied to marketing a growing business, there may be several flaws or roadblocks that you may encounter.

  1. The targeted audience of Old School is limited.
  2. Adapting Old School techniques may or may not work well with modern tech and audience.
  3. Timing, timing, timing. Business needs change each year and require new modern strategies. Live today and let go of the past. 

Final Thoughts

There was no right or wrong with this conversation that I had with my colleague. I wanted to add more value to her process of execution. Without the honest opinion of your surroundings, how are you able to move forward when you are banking all your energy on one philosophy?

This has been on my mind since that chat. I look at the term Old School as looking back at someone’s successful first step. Personally, I wouldn’t visit my first step and try it again because there are so many better things that I can do today. Being stuck on step one is also an issue, you need to learn how to execute and move on even if it’s correct or incorrect. Not everything is for everyone, some people are good at things and some are bad.

I believe that knowledge is something you can’t lose after you have obtained it. Use the tools of today and stop revisiting the past. There is no hack to life, you just have to live it and be yourself (be human).

With the speed and access to enormous amounts of knowledge we have today, I wouldn’t waste a minute using old techniques. The door to door promotions, home presentations, cold calling versus YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and more. The tools of today make the old methods seem slower, time is money.

I would like to hear what you have to say. Did using Old School methods help market your business? How did you scale it from there?