Parents, Children, and Video Games (Part 1)


Did you have such an experience like this?

Sitting down with your siblings at age 5, playing video games! Or your parents scolding you for sitting for hours playing video games! Maybe your experience was different from this; like your parents scolded you for playing games hours deep into the night when you were supposed to be sleeping! Just like a food diet, the level of discipline and quantity determines whether it has a negative effect or not.

The psychological and education perspective.

Much younger children experience a wide range of positive benefits and are gained from playing various types of video games. A child that that games experiences an increase with their concentration ability and focusing skills. In addition, there also appears to be beneficial effects for the children’s problem-solving and decision-making skills. The child’s planning ability and overall thinking start to develop. It is interesting to note that all of these aforementioned skills are necessary components for the average child to possess in order to hopefully achieve academic success, given the child’s innate abilities.

I have heard from parents that they have found out that playing video games alongside their children has provided the family with an excellent means for the two generations to bond and have some quality time together. Additionally, gaming with a child also gives the child a wonderful opportunity for one-on-one conversation with his or her parent. While this is important for all children of all ages, it is especially important if there is a child in the household who may be shy and not prone to opening up about things such as emotions and/or problems that may be troubling them at any given point in time.

Worth pointing out

A parent who considers offering up or engaging in some type of leisure-time activity, the parent must always insist that the activity or chosen game, be age-appropriate.

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Next time

We will be looking at how to check the rating of a game and how to find them age appropriate games to play.

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