Breakthrough Technology: A translation device that whispers in your ear

The Power to Translate

Ever been in a situation where there was a language barrier between you and a foreign friend? First of all, language barriers are a pain when trying to communicate with another individual. It’s frustrating, due to the fact that you understand each others body language and not the vocal part of the interaction.

What if I said that there’s an earpiece that translates languages in real time. Sounds a little bit out of this world but at the same time very cool.

Manhattan based company “Waverly Labs” has created an earpiece called “Pilot”. An earpiece that can translate languages.


“A World Without Language Barriers” Photo Credit: Waverly Labs


How does the Pilot work?

The Pilot requires 2 earpieces and a smartphone in order to translate one another’s speech. The earpiece acts as a receiver, more like a listener and sends the data to your smartphone. As a result, the smartphone then translates the received transmission using an online translation engine and fires it back to the earpieces in a close-to-real-time conversion.

So to get everyone on the same page, here’s an example: If your friend speaks French and you speak Spanish, the French language will be translated and is “Whispered” back into your earpiece in Spanish. Now that is mind blowing, if you ask me.

Let me break down translation apps a little further. Everyone has used several Real Time Translation Apps, Microsoft’s Skype Translator and the more commonly used Google Translate App. With all the languages out there and let’s be honest, sometimes these apps are a bit choppy and fail every now and then.

To simply explain what Translation Apps do, just check out this chart: How Real Time Translation Apps work

What Languages are available?

Waverly Labs has announced that the first wave expected May 2017, will have English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese languages only. Between Summer – Fall 2017, new languages will be available for download and is subject to change.

Coming from the Waverly Labs website, the downloadable languages are: Germanic, Hebrew, Arabic, Slavic, Russian, African, East Asian: Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi and Urdu . 


Photo Credit: Waverly Labs

With an innovative product like the Pilot, I’m confident that Waverly Labs will make the right connections to fill in more languages down the road. Many sources online say that an app will be released this summer for users to try out the software without the earpieces.

Are the consumers ready for this tech and is Waverly Labs ready for judgement?

The pressures that the Pilot may have upon launch would be the responsiveness of its devices. Consumers will always be harshest critics and especially the Pilot’s backers. Probably, Beta testing is on its way right now and working out the kinks of the Pilot.

The only questions I have are:

  1. How loud do I have to speak?
  2. Do the earpieces block out enough background ambient noises?
  3. How fast or slow do I need to speak?
  4. Can I control the “Whisper” volume?
  5. Will the earpieces be waterproof in the future?

The success of the Pilot will all boil down to how it performs after the launch and how quickly Waverly Labs patches up the bugs. It seems that the Pilot is available only through the Indiegogo Pre-order Campaign. In addition to this campaign, backers will receive the additional downloadable language packs for free and regular consumers will have to pay a premium price for them. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on board and pre-order your Pilot.

In conclusion, I love the innovation and idea behind the Pilot. Finally, a piece of technology that would close the gap of language barriers. Waverly Labs gets 2 thumbs up from Chuck and Team IMC for best breakthrough technology and a world changing device.