Pokémon Go: Basics To Evolving Your Pokémon


There are many different strategies when it comes to evolving your Pokémon. Most people want the strongest Pokémon with the best stats. In order to do that, you need to know the basics. So here’s the starters guide to evolving your Pokémon.


Pokémon Candy
Each Pokémon has their own type of candy and you will need a specific amount of candy to evolve them. How do you get candy? Candy is obtained by catching Pokémon, hatching eggs and also the buddy system.

Are you ready to evolve your Pokémon?

Simply press “Evolve” and watch the animation of your Pokémon evolve, that’s it!

Isn’t there more to evolving?

Yes of course. There is something called CP, which stands for Combat Power. The CP partially determines the potential stats and moves of the Pokémon after it evolves. Many will agree and disagree that CP plays a big role in the quality of the Pokémon that it will evolve into.

You could also level up the Pokémon by using the Stardust and Candy by pressing “Power Up”. When you evolve a Pokémon you also gain Experience(EXP) which levels up your trainer. Using a “Lucky Egg” is recommended when doing a lot of evolutions. The function of the “Lucky Egg” is to give you “Double EXP” for 30 minutes when it is activated. The more experience you receive, the faster you level up your trainer. Weedles and Pidgey’s only use 12 candies to evolve. They are also very common to catch and you will see them everywhere. It is wise to evolve Pokémon that require the least amount of candy. This way you will gain lots of EXP and level up faster.


Niantic is constantly fixing the bugs in the game and adding new features to keep the Pokémon Go players interested. The basics outlined in this guideline may change in the future. This is just a guideline for starters and if you need me to elaborate more, simply contact me.