The Importance of STEM Education & Technology

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What is STEM Education?

STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM is critical as it pervades each part of our lives. First, science is everywhere. Technology is continually expanding into all aspects of our lives. Engineering is the fundamental designs of bridges and roads; however, it also deals with the challenges of changing global ecosystem and eco-friendly changes to our homes. Whereas mathematics is in each occupation, each activity we perform in our lives. By exposing our children to STEM and offering them opportunities to uncover STEM-related ideas, they will establish a passion for it and pursue an occupation in the STEM field.

Benefits of STEM Education and Technology to Children’s Development, Problem Solving and Motor Skills.


In case you didn’t know yet, the four disciplines, which make up the STEM education and technology have a place in daily tasks. Having enough knowledge of how stuff works together to help our day-to-day lives development is crucial in educating a well-rounded kid. The program depends on presenting the children with activities and materials based on stuff they see on a regular basis.


Young children are naturally curious; they will ask questions about the world around them as they develop more sophisticated cognitive skills. This attribute has been shown to support a love of learning and to make learning rewarding for children. Such programs understand how to appeal to this natural curiosity.


Teaching the four major subjects in a single program in a manner, which appeals to young kids of all ages is simple because of the many interesting materials and engaging activities, which can be utilized to help children get these abilities. The significance of STEM education and technology is that it educates the whole child. Every activity makes use of the current level of thinking of the child as well as prior learning and develops on it.

Popular STEM Toys in the Market

Getting your children to use their minds every time they’re playing is becoming more crucial than ever. Following are some of the best and sought after STEM toys available in the market today.


This game needs positioning the houses of the three little pigs in several ways to keep them safe from the bad wolf. This game teaches pattern recognition, problem-solving and spatial awareness.

Buy yours here: Three Little Piggies

2. GEARS! GEARS! GEARS! (Ages 4+)

This is composed of a huge box of colored gears, which snap together with extenders and axles to make a moveable, complex structures. The test is figuring out how to order and align the gears so that they will turn in unison.

Buy yours here: Gears! Gears! Gears! Robot Factory

3. RUSH HOUR (Ages 8-Adult)

This STEM education and technology toy is a single player game that has colored pieces, which snap onto the game board. Using several challenge configurations, the player should move other cars so the red car could make its way out of the traffic jam. This game requires thinking ahead through different stages and steps.

Buy yours here: Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game

4. Makeblock Robot Kits

mBot Ranger Robot Kit is a 3-in-1 STEM educational robot kit which
supports 3 building forms: Off-Road Land Raider, Self-Balancing
Nervous Bird, and Dashing Raptor, the Predator. Program and control
mBot Ranger via smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC to start your exploration!


Buy yours here: mBot Ranger Robot Kit

Image: Makeblock

Image: Makeblock

Image: Makeblock

Final Thoughts

STEM Education and Technology is so vital for our children, region, and country. It’s crucial to encourage the students in our educational systems and future generations of learners, to embrace and understand the technology, which affects them each day of their lives.

Try out some of the STEM toys by clicking on the links provided in this article. I’d like to hear about your experience with one of these toys.