The Incredibles 2: Teaser Trailer

Back in 2004, Pixar Animation Studios released a computer-animated movie, The Incredibles. The Incredibles was about a family of Superheroes who try to live quietly without exposing their abilities and causing attention to society. The family struggles with fitting in with the rest of community because of their nature of wanting to save the day. A villain named Syndrome later threatens all superheroes including Mr. Incredibles family, which forced them to come out and fight. Syndrome was a human fan of Mr. Incredible’s and wanted to become his sidekick. Due to Syndrome being young and only human, he caused more harm than good. Syndrome was very crafty with making gadgets and took Mr. Incredible’s rejection the wrong way and became the Super Villain of the story.

13 years have passed since the first movie of The Incredibles, and Disney’s Pixar has released the teaser trailer for The Incredibles 2. The internet is buzzing for sure, and I enjoyed the first movie. This should get you going, enjoy!

(Video Credit: Pixar)

Did you forget? Baby Jack-Jack has powers! 

(Video Credit: Pixar)

Final Thoughts

I will be watching this movie for sure on opening night. With action films like this, I always upgrade my seats to DBOX and 3D. It makes the experience more fun. Also, the seats are more comfortable, and there is a lot of space between¬†you and the person beside you. The Incredibles is one of my favourite action Pixar movies next to Disney’s Big Hero 6. I can’t wait for the release date to be announced.