2016 Brewery and the Beast – Vancouver

Get ready to get your carnivore on!

Brewery and the Beast is an event that every Vancouverite should experience at least once. On July 24th, I participated in my first Brewery and the Beast meat festival and man was I so stuffed. The festival featured many local restaurants which offered premium samplings of their dishes made by talented Chefs. There were many samples of barbecued meats and the drinks offered were a variety of craft beer from Phillips Brewing CompanyPhillips Brewing Company was the main vendor of craft beer at all three events. There were a few other tents that offered their craft beers as well.


All the beer on tap came from a truck.

Sample as many as you want. Several types to choose from.

Which cities are these hosted in?

Only 3 lucky cities in Canada have Brewery and the Beast and they are Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary. Each event features local vendors and restaurants, so I guess the sampling experience may differ a little from each city. Live music was provided by the Electric Timber Company during the event.20160724_133332

Did I mention that each ticket grants you access to all the samples of beer and food on site?

Eat and drink until you are satiated, but don’t fall into a “Food Coma”. The portions are more than generous and suppose to floor you if you eat too fast.

I think Brewery and the Beast is trying to tell us something.

This event was not just about the unlimited food and drink samples that you can consume. I’ll let Brewery and the Beast explain the real purpose behind this event. Check out the link below.

About Brewery and the Beast

What’s on the menu?

Food and drinks offered at the Vancouver 2016 Brewery and the Beast Meat Festival. Click here for ===>FRESH SHEETS & LIBATIONS

If you haven’t attended this event and would love to experience one yourself, there are a few things to consider. I didn’t know that this event was so popular and that tickets would sell out almost instantly upon release.

What you should consider before and during the event:

  1. Subscribe and follow each Brewery and the Beast Social profiles

Subscribing will give you important alerts like:

  • Ticket presales (limited quantities)
  • Public Ticket Sales (until sold out)
  • Volunteer and enjoy the event for free, positions are limited.
  • Detailed information on Brewery and the Beast events.
  1. Purchase the presale tickets when they are available, because I did.
  • Tickets will sell out the day of.
  • The waiting queue online is long so be “PATIENT” and “DON’T REFRESH” the page.

*Tickets will cost you approximately $110 each including the fees. The presale had an overwhelming surge of buyers, so get online 5 minutes before they release the tickets. Limit of 8 tickets per customer.

Includes all food and drinks on site.

  1. Dress accordingly to the weather. This year was extremely hot and thanks to Canadian Linen for providing the guests with frozen hand towels. IMG_20160724_130446
  2. Of course, Sun/UV protection is definitely a must during the event.
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • There are tents available to eat under and also hide from the sun.
  1. Be hungry but not greedy.
  • There’re enough samples on site to go around several times
  • Pace yourself because this event is 3 hours long
  1. Plenty of time to take pictures
  • Make sure you have an extra power source
  • Enough memory is a must if you are a Blogger or Foodie
  1. Water at the event
  • Water stations are available in several areas around the entire site to ensure that guests stay hydrated.
  • Hand washing stations are available because eating BBQ can get really messy.

In conclusion, my overall experience at the Vancouver Brewery and the Beast 2016 was amazing and unforgettable. I left out some things about this event so that it would encourage people to see it for themselves.

Here is a snap of what went down


  • Mikaela

    Your content is amazing! You should consider talking to your local restaurants and pubs and bars and let them know you will do a feature on them! You could probably get some cool freebies for doing it! I’d love to see your reviews on places! <3

    • Thank you for the great suggestion, I was actually thinking about something similar to that.
      I’ve been to many restaurants here in Vancouver and was looking to fill in my review section of my blog.

      Thanks again for reading,

  • Alynn J.

    Awesome post. I went to that event as well and it was super hot that day! Lovin the pic of you and the towel ;p Good food, great bevs! take me on your next adventure, such a hotty! Need more of your work 🙂

    • Thank you for reading my article Alynn. I will be adding many food related blog posts soon. Maybe a bunch of the readers and myself could talk about attending an event together later down the road #foodventures
      Don’t forget to like my Facebook page http://bit.ly/FB-IMCVancouver and thank you again for your support.


      • Alynn J.

        Yes Please! Let me know when you plan on doing that as I sure would love to join 😀 I’ll bring a few of my friends too!

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